Awoven Media

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Awoven Media (That's This!)

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Project Type

  • 🌊  Custom Web Design


💻  Digital Marketing


🗺  Edmonton, Alberta

Project Features

  • 🌊  Responsive Design
  •  📱    Built for Mobile
  • ✍  Sitewide Copywriting
  • 📈  Search Engine Optimization
  • 🙌  Social Media Management
  • 📊  Full Site Maintenance



About the Project

Responsive Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Professional Copywriting For a Responsive Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Professional Copywriting Company

Say that five times fast.

As a web design studio, your very first customer is yourself — and you're very picky. Everything that's true about the importance of digital marketing — that the quality of your website speaks to the quality of your business, that customers take you more seriously with professional writing and design — is doubly true for a company that does those things full time. At Awoven Media, not only do we want the quality of our work to speak for itself, it has to — because our work is all about speaking quality.

For the Awoven website, we wanted to demonstrate that we were capable of creating every aspect of a professional digital presence, and everything you see now — from the layout to the code to the writing to the company logo — was created in-house using a mix of custom tools and industry-standard technology. If you like the way it looks, thank you! It was a lot of work. More importantly, that means we succeeded in our goal — and hopefully you're convinced we can succeed in yours.

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