MJ Alba Dot Com

MJ Alba Dot Com

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Project Type

  • ✍  Custom WordPress Blog


 📘  Digital Publishing


🗺  Edmonton, Alberta

Project Features

  • 🌊  Unique Design
  •  📱    Mobile-Friendly
  •  𝐖   WordPress Integration

About the Project

The Personal Website and Blog of a Certain Debonair Web Developer

Welcome to the future of digital media.

When I’m not writing Gates-like code or Draper-esque marketing copy, I can be found amusing myself with nonsense over at MJ Alba Dot Com.

The website itself is blocky and simple, with a layered depth effect and subtle triangle patterns for flavour. Opined my girlfriend, when asked for comment: “design is hard.” The site integrates with a custom WordPress theme, and the latest three blog posts are displayed in tandem on the home page. A new, random header slogan loads up on every visit to prevent screen burn-in.

As with all Awoven sites, MJ Alba Dot Com adapts fluidly to any size device, and has been optimized for performance and search engine indexing. As with all vanity projects, the important thing is that I  like it.

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